Our 26-foot super panga allows for 3 passengers to fish comfortably.

Rates are in U.S. dollars. Lodging is available in Israel’s new casitas.

Full-day: $450.00

Half-day: $350.00

Fishing equipment rental: $20 per day

We’ll clean and filet your fish at the end of your successful day of fishing!

“Cuyuyo is an awesome captain and has a small fleet of new, real pangas.
We hit 48 dorado in one day on fly with him as well as to
ns of roosters the other days.”

Contact Cuyuyo to schedule your fishing trip today!


One thought on “Rates

  1. Have been fishing in the East Cape and Baja for 20 years, Cuyuyo is a World Class guide service, Equipment, Attention to detail, Customer satisfaction truely exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the everlasting memories.
    Rolf Nelson, Minneapolis

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